Differences between penny slots and free slots

  • May 8, 2021

When it comes to defining free slot machines, you’ll get mixed messages depending on who you ask, simply because it can mean one of two things.

Free to play slots

The first definition is the one that most of us think of when something’s free – as in they’re free to play slot machines. That means that there’s no real money on the line and, more than likely, no real money to win.

Granted there’s the odd exception to the rule with free slot spins available when playing penny stocks as well as being available in several new player bonuses – but you’ll rarely get something for nothing.

You can play free situs judi og plus all over the web and with a variety of applications for mobile and tablet.

Free vs. fixed slots
Not the free slot you were thinking? The other form can be identified with its ability to choose the number of paylines that you’d like to run with during a game – the number of paylines chosen is ‘free’.

The opposite of this is where the number of paylines is fixed, meaning that you can’t change the number and must play the listed paylines.

When playing in most brick-and-mortar casinos, you’ll find the majority of penny slots take the fixed approach, letting you wager $1, $2 or $3 etc. at a time, depending on the machine.

However, when playing online you’re often free to set the exact number of paylines that you’d like for the spins that follow.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay for these though, although you’ll be getting much more control over your wagering.

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Penny slots mistakes
Penny slots may seem pretty simple to understand and play, it’s one of the biggest reasons that they’re so popular, but that doesn’t mean that the machines don’t see their fair share of mistakes each and every day.

By making sure that you’re on top of the information, familiar with the terms and conditions and informed on strategy, you can make sure you’re not making any rookie mistakes when playing penny slots.

Ignoring bankroll management

By far the biggest mistake that we see with players on the penny slots is the total neglect of bankroll management during play.

They’re called ‘penny’ slots for a reason and it’s not because of their low-cost, low-risk nature, but as a marketing technique to make players think that they’re barely wagering.

If you’re going to fall for it and keep on putting pennies into the machine, that’s mistake number 1.

Instead of ignoring how much you’re putting into the machines you should manage your bankroll to know when enough is enough.

By taking out and setting aside a certain amount of money purely for gambling you can be sure that you’re not delving into your funds that are needed for more important things.

You can use your gambling money on rent, but don’t use your rent money for gambling.


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