Return to Player Vs. Hit Frequency: How to Make Sense of Slot Games Terms

  • May 9, 2021

So you’ve made up your mind that slots are the games for you. Well done. Slots are some of the most popular casino games in the world for a reason. Not only are slots easy for a beginner to get started with, but they are challenging enough that an advanced player can still have a bit of fun with them.

So now that you’ve made up your mind to give slot games a go, you will need to find a slot game to sink your teeth into. But how do you determine which slot games are worth a go? Which slots have the best payout odds?

Of course, you could always base your decision on the slot game’s graphics and theme. However, there are a lot more important factors that you should pay situs judi bola resmi attention to in order to make the right decision for your gambling needs.

One of the best ways to decide which slot game you should try is by checking the slot machine’s RTP and hit frequency. Both the hit frequency and RTP play a crucial role in determining the amount of money you win at the slots.

So you must educate yourself as much as you can about these 2 factors, which will help you make a more informed decision. So let’s dig in, shall we?

What exactly is return to player?
Return to Player (RTP) is the term that’s often used by casinos to describe the percentage of all the wagered cash a VLT or slot machine will pay back to gamblers over an extended period. For instance, if a gambler makes 100 $1 bets on a slot machine whose RTP is 90%, then that means that the gambler has a probability of making back $90 in wins.

Both the house edge and RTP are long-term figures and predictions that are calculated over a long period. The RTP takes into account an average of 100 games that have been played by thousands of players.

That’s why it is only ever advised for gamblers to bet cash that they are prepared to lose. Because different slot machines will have varying RTP rates, some machines are usually more profitable for players than others. Slots with the best RTP give punters the most bonuses and the freest spins.

The good news is that since the slots world has become overly saturated and is filled with intense competition among the casinos, RTP rates have become better for slot games overall. As more and more slot machines are released, the rates will keep improving, which is great news for slot lovers everywhere.

Is there a way to tell the RTP of a slot machine?

In some countries such as the UK, all slot machines are required to indicate their RTP percentage. In the US, however, many casino slots in Vegas, for instance, do display a jackpot odds percentage on the machine itself, which should give you an indication of what that slot machine’s RTP could be.

In states where gambling is permitted such as Indiana, casino slots are not classified as slot machines. Instead, they are classified as video scratch tickets. As such, unless the online establishment that you are working with explicitly deals with online slots, they are not required by law to display the RTP on their machines.

What about the Hit Frequency?
Hit Frequency is the term that is used by casinos to describe how often a slot machine will stop a winning combination. For instance, if a lot machine boasts a hit frequency of 8%, it means that that slot machine will stop on a winning combination approximately 8% of the time. Numerous slot machines and VLTs allow participants to wager on multiple lines on each spin.

That means that on a single spin, a participant has the capability of getting one or more winning combinations. It also means that the losing combinations are numerous. Different slot machines will have different hit frequencies. For example, one slot machine may have a hit frequency that is as low as 3% while in other games such as video poker, the hit frequency could be as high as 45%.

Although a machine that has a low frequency of 3% may sound unappealing to some people, these are actually some of the best machines to play. That’s because a machine with a low percentage hit frequency will probably offer a huge jackpot, which makes it worth it for any gambler looking for a challenge. For some more information on which slots have the best RTPs, check out

How can one pick the right slot games?
The best slot machine to pick are those that have the right balance of RTP, hit frequency, volatility, limits, as well as casino bonuses. Before you pick real money slots to work with, you need to look at the stakes, as well as the payback percentage. When you pick a slot with a good RTP to work with, you will find yourself constantly improving your odds.

Additionally, experienced players often stay away from popular slot games because they tend to have the worst percentages. As such, while you can’t always control the wins at slots, you can control which machine that you choose to play. You should also know that in general, dollar slots with higher denominations tend to have a higher payback percentage compared to quarter slots.

As always, the best games to pick are those that fit your gambling goals, as well as your personality. Don’t play a slot game just because it has a high RTP; the point of gambling is to have fun. So remember to enjoy yourself.

Final Thoughts
If you feel as though lady luck is on your side, then it never hurts to bet big. It also improves your chances significantly when you choose an online slot that boasts a high RTP. But keep in mind that although slots are fun, they are still big business for casinos. That means that you should never wager with money that you are not prepared to lose; the last thing you want is to chase wins as it never ends well.

Oiran Dream Japanese Slot Game Quick Review

  • May 9, 2021

Their newest dream-related slot game Oiran Dream is very much a cousin to their Hawaiian Dream version.

You can tell simply from the gameplay mechanics that are a direct “borrow” from the Hawaiian version which features a continuous respin action. You could say that it is becoming an unofficial trademark of games coming from JTG.

So, let’s take a much closer look at what Oiran Dream is all about and whether or not it is a good addition to the emerging online gambling market or if you should steer away from it and look at something better.

The Company
Japan Technicals (yes, the ’s’ is supposed to be there) Games has a total of seven slot games they have developed. They include Battle Dwarf and Battle Dwarf Christmas and a series of dream-themed slots including situs slot terpercaya Dreams of Gold, Dreams of Gold Delight, Hawaiian Dream, Hawaiian Dream Christmas, and Oiran Dream. Could an Oiran Dream Christmas version be soon? Your guess is as good as ours. JTG was founded in June 2018 and is based in Hong Kong. The company has a large footprint in Japan thanks to its games being featured in Japanese gaming parlors.

The Design and Theme

Well, speaking of looks, Oiran Dream is your classic anime slot machine. It features a stunning Japanese girl standing on top of the three reels who is quietly and seductively seducing you by slightly revealing herself. Although there really isn’t anything here to turn this game into an X-rated slot, it is still considered to be an adult theme. An Oiran, by the way, comes from Japanese folklore and was the high-ranking legal escort who worked in the popular Tokyo brothels. So this is the gal you get to stare at as you spin the wheels seeking your fortune.

The scene depicted in the theme is during Spring as there are many stunning pink blossoms featured in the background along with a full moon in a starry sky. The vibrant and colorful design is visually attractive. The reels add to this as they are transparent and contain colorful, theme-related symbols except for the 7. The scene behind the reels is a red brothel with large lanterns hung out front of it with a beautiful lady who comes out to see you. But here’s the kicker: the more revealing she is, the bigger the winnings. It is all tied together with a slow Japanese music soundtrack.

The Special Features
As we mentioned, Oiran Dream has borrowed some of the same features as Hawaiian Dream. Well, it goes a bit further than that. JTG slot games tend to have almost all the same bonuses. For example, you will find the familiar four-level jackpot, a bonus game that contains free spins, and a couple of “Rush” games that also have free spins. In addition to free spins, there are continuous free spins. If you discover Sakura glowing and you spin three pink 7 symbols, you will trigger something called the Oiran Rush. Within the Oiran Rush, you get seven free spins, and should Sakura glow on any of those, you will receive a respin.

But that’s not all. If you see Yakumono move around, this triggers the Doki Doki Time. This is a period when bonus rounds show up and include the Combo, Burst, or Level Up varieties of these rounds. Plus, as Oiran shows up in more revealing outfits, the prizes increase in size. You can trigger the respin feature by landing three Respin symbols on the reels and if they land on a pay line, Oiran’s color changes. This is significant in that you increase the odds of triggering the Oiran Rush when the color change sequence goes from green to purple then to red. There’s also the Kamon Bonus which ends with a dice roll.

The Betting
Orin Dream is considered a medium-volatile game and features a payout percentage of 96.34 when you play across three reels and three rows which give you five pay lines. To enter the brothel, all you have to do is pre-set your bets to run from 0.20 up to 100 credits per spin. If you prefer to gaze upon the full view, just select the Autoplay option and set it to run from 10 to 250 auto spins. Oh, and by the way, if you see the yellow cat figure, keep in mind that it happens to be the highest-paying regular symbol which will pay you a tidy 20x your original bet. Check out this first hand player review from

The Rest
What else can we tell you about JTG’s Oiran Dream? Well, it’s the perfect game for beginners as well as skilled slot players. In addition to the 3-reels and 5 pay lines, this slot will deliver a maximum cash jackpot of $2,000. It accepts a betting range of 0.20 to $100 with a 0.01 to 5.0 coin range. Sadly, the game has a lot of things missing that seasoned slot players may miss including no Wild symbols, no Scatter symbols, no multiplier, and no progressive. However, with the number of bonuses and continuous free spins, the game is pretty exciting to play including the slick graphics and eye-catching theme.

Well, who wouldn’t get somewhat mesmerized by staring at an attractive Japanese Oiran seated at the very top of the slot machine? Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a chance to see inside a brothel even if it just happens to be an animated one on a gambling machine? What we are getting at here is that this is an attractive game. The design is familiar to those who have played other JTG machines and that makes it an easy one to get going on. The features are somewhat complicated to unlock without some sort of manual explaining them, but the fact that there are so many bonuses available makes Oiran Dream a game worth playing.

Don’t let the three-reel, 5-pay line design fool you, the payout percentage is high and that makes this a worthwhile way to spend some time (and money).

Next States That Could Soon Legalize Sports Betting

  • May 8, 2021

We’re now approaching three years since the federal ban on sports betting was removed. Since then, 21 out of 50 states — exactly 42 percent — have legalized it. Some states allow the practice via land-based casinos only, others through mobile, either way, almost half the country has access to sports wagering in some capacity.

But believe us, the sports betting train isn’t stopping anytime soon, either. A slew of other states are in-line to legalize (or reform) it, as well. Here’s a look at several states that could soon enter the gambling space:

“The Golden State” is the white buffalo of betting, at least in the eyes of sportsbook operators situs judi pragmatic play. That’s because the state has the largest population in the entire United States with 40 million inhabitants. Bookies can’t help but see nothing but dollar signs with the California sports betting scene, especially since the state is littered with pro and college teams.

Native American casinos located in California are leading the push to legalize sports betting. They put together an official petition and earned enough signatures for the issue to get in front of government electives. From here, the to-legalize-or-not-to-legalize question should be in front of voters by next year.

Though, if it goes, only tribal casinos would be able to capitalize off the legalization — not third-party operators like MGM, for instance. That would surely handcuff the growth of the industry so bookies aren’t celebrating quite yet.

During the November 2020 elections, Maryland voters overwhelmingly supported a bill to regulate sports betting — 67 percent of voters said yes to it. So it’s happening sometime this year, but the ball is currently in the state’s hands.

State officials must figure out how exactly sports betting manifests itself in Maryland. Which operators become licensed? How is it taxed? Is betting allowed online or retail only? All those answers, especially the last one, will dictate just how lucrative the industry does or doesn’t become.

As a frame of reference, six states currently allow sports betting but restrict it to retail locations only (or mobile, but with geo-fencing limitations within casino premises). As you’d expect, that model has been far less lucrative than a fully-mobile one. The consensus is, however, Maryland is leaning toward the online-based model.

The Cornhusker State is in the same boat as Maryland. Nebraska also got enough votes in the 2020 election for legalization, but the issue is now on legislators to fine-tune how this will work.

But for what it’s worth, Nebraska has not put the issue off to the side. No, in fact, there’s three different bills currently floating around the state regarding it. Each varies wildly from one another so we won’t even speculate which is gaining the most traction. The fact remains, though, Nebraska will get sports betting in some shape or form this year most likely.

New York
The Northeast has become somewhat of a gambling mecca as Pennsylvania and New Jersey have become wildly successful in their sports betting regulations. However, much of their success is coming from New Yorkers crossing state lines to place bets since they can’t freely do it within New York borders.

You see, New York actually does have legalized betting, but they fall into the retail-only category. Those land-based casinos with the privileges are largely tribal-run and located in upstate New York — far away from the Big Apple.

Like we alluded to before, that restriction has put a ceiling on a state with one of the highest populations in the United States. Matter of fact, a recent study done by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming pegged New York’s losses between $203 and $286 million for not allowing online sports gambling.

But there is some momentum to change that. Back in January of this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed interest in allowing the practice online. Of course, this was before Cuomo became embroiled in sexual harassment allegations, which could cut his governor tenure — and any aspirations for mobile-based betting with it — short. We’ll just have to see what the fallout is here.

Regardless, the states we outlined above are only the tip of the iceberg in the race to legalize sports gambling. Outside a few states — we’re looking at you, Wisconsin and Utah — almost every one has expressed interest in “jumping on the bandwagon.”

Licensed versus unlicensed casino operators in Sweden: Quick Intro

  • May 8, 2021

These days, there is an endless array of online casinos, both licensed and unlicensed, that one can choose from. Each of these casinos provides gamblers with different experiences but both licensed and unlicensed casinos are 100% legal for Swedish gamblers. So if both licensed and unlicensed casinos are allowed to operate in Sweden, what are their differences?

Licensed casinos
A licensed casino in Sweden boasts a license from the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen). Since licensed casinos are under the authority of the government, they tend to offer more enhanced player protections for gamblers.

Several factors set licensed casinos apart from their unlicensed counterparts. For instance:

One bonus per player
Licensed casinos in Sweden are only allowed to offer new players a limit of one bonus for every casino a new player joins. In comparison, unlicensed operators typically offer an array of bonus options to keep the guest loyal and enticed. That means that aside from the traditional welcome bonus, unlicensed casinos are also known to offer punters free spins, cashback, daily bonuses, and deals, as well as other juicy bonuses designed to keep them coming back.

All licensed casinos in Sweden are required by law to agree to Spelpaus, which is the country’s self-exclusion program. Punters that sign up for Spelpaus can block their access to online casinos for a specified period whether that’s one month or indefinitely. Once a gambler signs up for Spelpaus, they cannot access an online casino until the period ends.

Unlicensed casinos, on the other hand, are not subject to Spelpaus. Sure, some sites may have self-exclusion policies but they are not as stringent as Spelpaus.

Deposit limits
Licensed casinos in Sweden have limits on the amount that an individual can deposit. Gamblers on licensed gambling sites can only deposit a maximum of SEK5,000 or $540. Unlicensed casinos alternatively allow their customers to deposit as much money as they would like.

Licensed casinos require their customers to provide a BankID, as well as their personal and financial information during the registration process. This isn’t usually a requirement for many unlicensed casinos, which are actually known for their anonymity.

For many years, Svenska Spel, the state-run company operating in the regulated gambling market had been the only company allowed to offer online gambling to gamblers in Sweden. That means that Svenska Spel had maintained a monopoly over online gambling products ranging from sports betting and casino games to slots and other games. Things changed in January 2019 when Sweden finally introduced new laws that ended the state monopoly.

Are there any advantages of sticking with licensed casino operators in Sweden?

Apart from the enhanced protection that players receive from licensed casino operators, licensed casinos also have other advantages that include:

No Taxation
Winnings from licensed casinos are not taxed. Unlicensed casinos, on the other hand, especially those with Curacao licenses, tend to tax winnings.

A wide selection of games
Licensed casinos in Sweden offer the highest quality games from well-known and trusted software providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. That’s because these brands only work with regulated operators. As a result, unlicensed casinos typically have games from other lesser-known providers such as Habanero, Real Time Gaming, and Betsoft.

What are unlicensed casinos in Sweden?
Unlicensed casinos or “casino Utan licens” refer to non-Swedish online operators that do not hold a license that has been issued by situs judi vivo gaming. Instead, unlicensed casino operators in Sweden of this caliber usually have a license or two from foreign regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Curaçao e-Gaming, or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Since the licensing authorities differ greatly from Spelinspektionen’s rules, it might appear illegal for a Swedish punter to register at an unlicensed casino but it isn’t. That’s because Spelinspektionen has no authority over foreign licensing bodies such as UKGC or MGA. As such, most unlicensed casinos that boast licenses from well-known bodies like MGA are completely legit and reliable for Swedish punters.

With authorities having extended the limit on how much Swedish bettors can gamble in online casinos throughout the pandemic, punters have increasingly been turning to unlicensed casinos for entertainment and as a way of escaping the limits that have been imposed by the government on licensed casinos in Sweden.

As things stand, the government has been forcing punters to limit their play. Additionally, bonuses have been limited to 100 crowns. During this challenging pandemic period, the authorities have been cracking down and blocking unlicensed gambling sites. Nonetheless, Swedish gamblers are still flocking to the ones they can find in their numbers.

That’s because most online gamblers look for player pools and betting odds that they like when looking for an online casino to gamble from. Consequently, most of these gamblers typically end up in unlicensed online casinos because they offer larger pools, better odds, and a wider array of high-quality games for a greater gambling experience. Various web aggregator sites have also made it rather easy for Swedish gamblers to find unlicensed casinos that they can trust. Click here for more details.

Although the limits on online gambling were designed to help problem gamblers from further harm. It appears that the limits have done more harm than good with a large number of individuals turning to black market casino brands to avoid the government’s restraining gaming regulations.

Final Thoughts
The Swedish authorities may have introduced considerable restrictions in the wake of the pandemic to keep gamblers safe, but the move has done anything but. Rather than stick to the regulated online operators, gamblers have been turning to unlicensed casino operators in Sweden instead.

That’s because unregulated websites not only offer better bonuses, better odds, and better prizes but they are also much easier to access and are sometimes even visually better compared to the regulated ones. With this in mind, punters should always do their research carefully before settling on any online casino, regulated or unregulated.

Slots have been popular all through the pandemic

  • May 8, 2021

Now that the vaccination process has been underway for some time now, the outlook in the gambling world is generally more positive this year. so much so that once-booming gambling markets such as Vegas and Macau are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Case in point, retail casinos in Macau grew for the first time in over a year, 17 months to be exact.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, which is by far the most successful betting market in the country, things have been on the up and up. As you already probably know by now, New Jersey was the first state to pioneer legal sports gambling in the country after it managed to overturn PASPA in 2018.

In January 2021, New Jersey ionclub casino became the 1st state to record a monthly online casino revenue of more than $100m. According to figures released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, punters in the state contributed a total gaming revenue of $346.4m, a 15.3% boost from the same period last year and 10.7% higher than December 2020.

Sports wagering revenue reached a record of $82.6m, an increase of more than 54% from January 2020. Online gaming and poker generated more than $103m in January a boost of 88.4% from January last year. online casino games such as slots and roulette games have been especially popular during the pandemic and they are showing signs of not letting up.

Moving forward casino operators and software providers such as Netent and Microgaming will want to do their level best to ensure that the customer experience is as seamless as possible. This is the only way the industry will maintain the pace that it has had all through this challenging period in our history.

Final Thoughts
2020 was an unusual year for casino operators to say the least. Without online casino operators such as Videoslots and other well-known reputable operators, the industry would not have managed to do as well as it has. Moving forward, operators looking to succeed this year will want to position themselves for success by offering the most enhanced customer experience for the punter possible.

Considering the current momentum that the world is witnessing in the sports betting market, the year 2021 could be on for the books, especially if the broken and struggling retail casino market finally gets back on its feet.

Videoslots Casino appoints new Deputy CEO

  • May 8, 2021 recently promoted former Chief Operations Officer Ulle Skottling to Deputy CEO. Ulle Skottling had been working as COO since his appointment in 2016 where he joined the company from NetEnt AB, a reputable Stockholm-based games developer in its own right. At NetEnt AB, Ulle worked as Deputy Managing Director as well as Head of Account Management from 2014 until his departure to join in 2016.

In his new higher-ranking position, Ulle will be in charge of developing a more enhanced corporate structure in situs judi n2live, which will allow the company to scale in the wake of increased competition. As Deputy CEO, Ulle will work hand in hand with the founder of Videoslots, Alexander Stevendahl.

As Videoslots continue efforts to enhance and further develop its online casino platform, Ulle will want to ensure that the offerings to customers are as assorted and as high quality as possible.

Not so long ago in January, Videoslots also welcomed Matthew Piscopo as the new chief product officer. Piscopo joined the Videoslots C-Suite team in January bringing with him over 10 years of iGaming experience having worked with major operators around the world including the likes of Betsson and Wetten, as well as Blexr, the lead generation specialist.

Videoslots continues growing in 2021

As far as online casino operators go, Videoslots has had a great start this year. It marked its entry into the Danish market this February by entering into a partnership with Nolimit City. Thanks to this partnership, punters in Denmark now have access to Videoslot’s wide range of games.

Videslots has always prided itself on supplying its players from all over the world with the largest selection of slot and table games in the industry, featuring titles from some of the most sought-after providers in iGaming. Not so long ago, Videoslots went live with its 5000th game, which is a testament to its lasting power in the industry.

Videoslots’ 5000 release, which was Greentube’s Cops ‘n’ RobbersTM Vegas Nights, will go a long way in helping Videoslot continue its push to become the world’s biggest online casino. Today, Videoslots online casino offers its customers 5,000 games and growing from over 155 various providers. As such, a Videoslots customer will never run out of things to keep them occupied as mentioned in this casino review.

Even though 2020 was a particularly hard year for the casino industry, online casino operators such as Videoslots have managed to weather the storm in the most remarkable ways. Just before the end of the year, Videoslots managed the impossible by securing license approval to launch its sports wagering product in Sweden.

After securing its license approval from the gambling regulator in Sweden also known as Spelinspektionen, Videoslots became the 49th licensed online wagering operator in the country. Its license will expire in 2025 thus making Sweden the first market to experience Videoslots sportsbook product at

Videoslots had plans to enter the Swedish market earlier on in 2020 but its plans were thwarted by the sudden news of the pandemic outbreak. It wasn’t until much later in September that Videoslots was able to enter the Swedish sports betting market, which is quickly growing to become one of the most successful betting markets in the world next to the North American betting market.

To join the sports betting world, Videoslots orchestrated a partnership with Betradar. This partnership with Betradar will see Videoslots create a custom and diverse product for its Swedish customers. As the sports betting craze in North America continues to intensify, Videoslots will also want to do all it can to ensure it secure licenses to some of the most lucrative markets such as the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania sports betting markets in the States.

The Best Slots in Vegas: Where to Go to Win Big

  • May 8, 2021

The first pit stop in Las Vegas for most visitors is usually a casino. Whether you are an experienced player on the casino floor or just starting, slot machines are the most profitable and entertaining games available.

Slot machines have proven to be popular among players time and time again. Casinos and other entertainment facilities are profiting tremendously from the revenues collected from slots.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports that the Las Vegas Strip contained over 160,000 slot machines in 40 different locations in 2019, generating revenues reaching almost $270 million per month.

While these numbers are beneficial to the establishments and their operators, slot machines are also known to be the most profitable game in a casino for the user.

Best slots in Vegas

Slot machines, on average, have an RTP, or return to player, between 75% and 98%; in other words, for every dollar a player spends, the slot machine will yield about 75 to 98 cents right into their pocket.

Even with the high RTP and revenue, Las Vegas and other cities famous for their casinos fill their halls with slot machines because anyone can press a button.

Commitment is never a priority; the player can put down a small individual bet. A poker face is never required, neither is real skill, to win big.

However, research is still encouraged to profit off of slot machines at the highest level, such as reading on user experience on specific games and reading the RTP at each Las Vegas casino.

Return to player is perhaps the most critical factor in picking the best slot to play in Vegas. The higher the RTP percentage, the more likely the slot will payout.

An amateur way to discover a slot’s RTP percentage is to test it with a bet. If a slot claims to have a 94% payout, then after a $100 bet, the payback would equate to about $94. While this may seem straightforward, this method does not fit every player.

Checking message boards and online threads, as well as comparison sites containing slots reviews, are a great way to find the best slots in Vegas. Notable websites encourage players to share their experiences with slot machines; most of their reviews focus on the amount of cash they get to keep after playing.

Another tip to finding one of the better slots offered in Las Vegas is to look for promotions. By signing up to the casino’s player’s club, customers can access unique games, receive free slot plays, and gain eligibility to have freebies on their next visit.

Benefits are significant, especially when the rounds on the slot machines are free, increasing the already high payout.

Best slots in Vegas

The most profitable slots are coined as “loose slots” because they pay out the most amount of money to the player and are thus very desirable among customers.

A feature of profitable slot machines called “progressive jackpots” has become a popular way to transform a couple of hundred bucks to millions.

Progressive jackpots offer prize money compared to the national lottery games, which can easily make a millionaire in a single evening.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the dollar slots pay back an average of 95% of receipts, 25 cent slots payout 93% on average, and 5 cent slots give back 90% to the players.

The payout from slots at the downtown or other off-Strip locations is one or two percent higher than those on the Strip. Hotel-casinos frequented by locals, such as Sam’s Town, pay better than the tourist hotels in the city. Nevada residents well know that fact when they consider which facilities contain the best slots in Vegas.

Moreover, the newer and more luxurious hotels are known for having the overall poorest RTP percentages.

Some of those hotels include the Bellagio, Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and the new Wynn Las Vegas. Since the amenities of these hotels are off the charts, slot machines do not have to be the most profitable asset (at least to the player).

However, some of these lavish hotels offer great prizes and entertainment that makes a higher payout from the slot machine. The Bellagio, for example, provides a slot tournament with 2,300 games as options. From jackpots and progressive features, the Bellagio slot machines can grow small bets into millions.

Generally, the best slots in Vegas are located in the older properties of the North Strip.

Slot machines may look flashy and modern, especially themed slots, but that does not mean they have the highest payout. The more traditional and old-looking games may be a better money’s worth.

Much like the endorphin rush of a “win,” a good-looking slot machine can trick the brain chemistry into wagering more money than intended sbobet sicbo. With that in mind, a simple-looking slot should be considered to help players gamble responsibly and win big.

Rather than always playing Star Wars or Avengers slot machines, players should have an eye out for the more dated and less appealing slot machines available on the casino floor. Many of them have substantial RTP rates and have stood the test of time.

One of these seemingly unappreciated slots is housed in Slots-a-Fun at Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. The selection includes classics, such as “Double Diamond” and “Red, White, and Blue.” Although they are not the flashiest, they are the best slots in Vegas.

Slots-a-Fun is a classic and exclusive casino that incorporates slot machines paired with an arcade, pool tables, bowling, and other forms of entertainment. Their slots have been proven time and time again as the machines to make the next big Vegas winner.

10 Crazy but True Gambling Stories That’ll Blow Your Mind

  • May 8, 2021

From amazing strokes of online luck to casino robberies, to fortunes lost, these ten gambling stories may make you think about how you need to play your game.

Ethereum Exit Scam
A player, who remains unidentified, except by the winning address “situs judi playtech” sent waves through the internet when he outsmarted Fomo3D, the popular ethereum game and won about $3 million in 2018. The online gambling experience seemed unbeatable, and is still one of the most surprising gambling stories, because of its Ponzi scheme type design.

However, this player outsmarted the system, including human and bot players by observing purchase times, clogging the blockchain, and getting a key when player activity was low.

Fomo3D is a game where players who use bitcoin to buy “keys” in a pot have 24 hours to keep playing, and the last person to pay under this clock gets all the money in the pot., the Fomo3D domain describes the game as:

“It’s your exit scam

Welcome to blockchain development

Your ICO is over,

The hype is drying up.

Take the private keys; drain everything.

You will guarantee yourself a fortune

You will take everything for yourself

It’s as simple as buying the last key.”

Once a player makes a purchase, 30 seconds are added onto the clock, and the price of the next key gets higher, that is until the 24-hour clock maxes out. With unlimited plays, these “keys” eventually add up, and each player receives a piece of the pot’s earnings, with the last player getting the most.

“It sounds like the winner carefully studied the behavior of the automated [bots] people had managing buy-ins for them. I watched their behavior. Spent days and lots of ETH testing ways to defeat them and found a moment when no other human players were playing,” the game’s inventor told

Tiger Woods Comeback Bet
Sports betting has its share of gambling stories, especially with Golf, as many games are played with bets on wins.

James Adducci, in serious debt with a mortgage and unpaid student loans, used his life’s savings of about $85,000, to wager a bet on Tiger Woods’ game in April 2019, during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. He ended up winning over $1.2 million.

Adducci had a hunch Woods would win the masters after watching the games leading up to the finals, and upon getting his wife’s reluctant blessing, he made his first sports bet.

“A month before is when I knew I was going to do it,” Adducci told Golf Digest. “I had been thinking a lot about this. I watched Tiger’s performance at the Tour Championship, and things seemed to be going his way. I looked at how well he did there, and some other factors you can’t put stats behind. It wasn’t about the stats for me. The fact that this was going to be his first major in front of his kids, I was convinced he would win.”

The Wisconsin daytrader told multiple publications that he used all he owned, left his hometown for Las Vegas, and even took a shared Lyft to ride to pound the Vegas pavements, looking for which casino would accept his wager.

The SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, which is operated by William Hill, finally decided to take on the wager. A move that resulted in the largest payout to a person on a futures gamble in the sportsbook’s overall U.S. history.

Can you win a lot of money on penny slots

  • May 8, 2021

One of the questions we hear all the time when it comes to penny slots is whether or not you can win a lot of money with them and the simple answer? Yes.

Plenty of people have won big when playing penny slots with countless stories from friends, family and around the web (including numerous on Reddit) all telling tales of big wins from minimal bets in the casino.

Some penny slots are linked to the huge progressive jackpots that often get the better of our temptations (and our bankroll) that boast truly lucrative prizes for those willing to play and to win.

With grand prizes in tens or hundreds of thousands, it’s easy to understand why people love to play to the penny slots.

But don’t let this give you tunnel vision, as previously mentioned these jackpots are usually restricted to those wagering the maximum amount on each spin so it’s important to check out the rules before pulling the lever. You don’t want to miss out on a life-changing prize because you jumped the gun.

Does Vegas have penny slots?

If you’re looking to play penny slots in a brick-and-mortar casino you won’t find anywhere better than the fabulous Las Vegas strip to hedge your bets agen ubobet.

Every single casino throughout vegas has penny slots, in fact, you’ll probably have a harder time avoiding them than you would be finding a place to play.

In a typical casino, the idea is to build a gaming floor that draws as much revenue from players as possible with the use of games, entertainment, and hospitality and there’s nothing quite like the penny slot for maximizing revenue.

The average spin of the reels on the penny slots takes as little as 6 seconds, meaning that each player is running through 10 spins per minute. If we say that each wager is a respectable 50c, you’re looking at $300 per hour that players are sinking into the machine.

Granted that there are wins to be taken into account throughout the game, perhaps at 95% payout, but when you consider that there are 1000+ slots available to run 24 hours per day in most casinos, it soon adds up. There’s no wonder that there are so many slots throughout Vegas…

Failing to find the slots’ return to player (RTP)

  • May 8, 2021

The slots return to player (RTP) is the figure telling you, the player, how much of a percentage you should expect back in the long run for each wager.

Of course, the figure you’ll find is an average so you won’t be bang on the money each time, but it’s a good ballpark figure to know before taking a seat at the slots.

You should look for those with the highest RTP (100% is the maximum, but you’ll never find one with the value) for the best returns whilst you’re playing.

If you’re going to gamble, you might as well do it with the best odds, right?

Only playing the big-time progressive jackpots
With the big-time progressive jackpots showing the biggest rewards, it’s no surprise that it’s always tempting to get involved with the progressive jackpots.

Only play these though and that’s another big mistake of the penny slots if you’re in it for the long run that is anyway. The jackpot that you’re eyeing up to win comes from the players, just like you, that are chasing big money.

The more that play, the more money that goes in, the more players lose for just one lucky player to win big.

If you’re playing for the smaller jackpots you’ll be in a much better standing at the end of the day, providing that nobody wins the big one at the end.

Not betting the maximum

If you’re not checking out the terms and conditions before playing, you might stand to be leaving money on the table if you’re lucky enough to bag a jackpot.

Some casinos agen sbobet388, both brick-and-mortar and online, have requirements making grand prizes unavailable unless you’re betting the maximum on the spin you win with, so it’s important to always bet the maximum when chasing the big prizes.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve bagged a big pot of cash only to have your success pulled away from the limit you’ve set yourself.

It may sound backward, but the odds of winning stay the same, it’s just the numbers that sit a little bigger.

Failing to know when enough is enough
Perhaps the biggest problem that comes with playing penny stocks is their addictive nature that prevents players from being able to stop and recognize when enough is enough.

It’s hardly a surprise that so many struggle to put the pennies down, especially once you consider the amount of time and effort that goes into developing the slot machine to have that exact effect.

Everything from the way it feels, the way it looks and the way it sounds is not an accident, it’s all precisely engineered to keep the mind focused on spinning the reels.

It’s more vital than ever with the popularity in online slots to know when enough is enough and when to head home or turn off your smartphone for the night. There’s no reason not to stop before your bankroll does – just make sure that you’re keeping it in mind when playing.

Differences between penny slots and free slots

  • May 8, 2021

When it comes to defining free slot machines, you’ll get mixed messages depending on who you ask, simply because it can mean one of two things.

Free to play slots

The first definition is the one that most of us think of when something’s free – as in they’re free to play slot machines. That means that there’s no real money on the line and, more than likely, no real money to win.

Granted there’s the odd exception to the rule with free slot spins available when playing penny stocks as well as being available in several new player bonuses – but you’ll rarely get something for nothing.

You can play free situs judi og plus all over the web and with a variety of applications for mobile and tablet.

Free vs. fixed slots
Not the free slot you were thinking? The other form can be identified with its ability to choose the number of paylines that you’d like to run with during a game – the number of paylines chosen is ‘free’.

The opposite of this is where the number of paylines is fixed, meaning that you can’t change the number and must play the listed paylines.

When playing in most brick-and-mortar casinos, you’ll find the majority of penny slots take the fixed approach, letting you wager $1, $2 or $3 etc. at a time, depending on the machine.

However, when playing online you’re often free to set the exact number of paylines that you’d like for the spins that follow.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay for these though, although you’ll be getting much more control over your wagering.

Penny slots mistakes
Penny slots may seem pretty simple to understand and play, it’s one of the biggest reasons that they’re so popular, but that doesn’t mean that the machines don’t see their fair share of mistakes each and every day.

By making sure that you’re on top of the information, familiar with the terms and conditions and informed on strategy, you can make sure you’re not making any rookie mistakes when playing penny slots.

Ignoring bankroll management

By far the biggest mistake that we see with players on the penny slots is the total neglect of bankroll management during play.

They’re called ‘penny’ slots for a reason and it’s not because of their low-cost, low-risk nature, but as a marketing technique to make players think that they’re barely wagering.

If you’re going to fall for it and keep on putting pennies into the machine, that’s mistake number 1.

Instead of ignoring how much you’re putting into the machines you should manage your bankroll to know when enough is enough.

By taking out and setting aside a certain amount of money purely for gambling you can be sure that you’re not delving into your funds that are needed for more important things.

You can use your gambling money on rent, but don’t use your rent money for gambling.

The Essential Penny Slots Guide: How They Work and Where to Play Online

  • May 8, 2021

Penny slots are simply defined as slot machines that can be played at 1 cent per line although have evolved to often require a minimum number of lines that must be played per spin. Instead of costing the minimum you’d expect, as we would have seen in the past, players will be wagering 25c, 40c or 50c per spin.

How do penny slots work?

Penny slots work almost exactly as you’d imagine – you pop a penny into the situs game slot online, pull the lever (or press the button) and the reels will spin. Make the correct combination of symbols and you’ll win a prize – simple right?

But go into any casino or play any online slot and it won’t take long to realize that it’s far from the truth. In the majority of casinos, you’ll find that you can’t get away with 1c in the penny slot section, shocking, I know.

Instead, you’ll find yourself having to wager 50 or 100 credits on the pennies so you’re still betting a dollar a spin. Sneaky.

The payline problem

The confusion with penny slots comes with the paylines and how they have evolved from the very first slots.

Where once there would be a single payline in which three matching symbols across the reels would allow for a prize, we now see several different paylines available in the slot.

From zigzags to trapeziums, there’s plenty of different paylines that you’ll be able to win with, all of which can be found in the paytable alongside how much you’ll win by bagging them.

So instead of a single simple play, you’ll be offered to wager on all available paylines, often with multiple credits on each line. A typical slot machine nowadays will include between 25 and 30 paylines per slot and if you’re wanting to win the biggest jackpots, you’re going to have to wager on the lot of them.

The paylines dictate the different prizes, bonuses, free spins and multipliers and must span the length of the reels so it’s vital to the game that they’re up to scratch, so it’s one of the first areas that designers consider when building a new game.

Depending on where you’re playing and what the machine allows, you might be able to choose the number of paylines that you’re wagering per spin (free slots) or be confined to the predefined setting on the machine (fixed). Regardless, it’s important to go ahead and check what you’re actually betting…

What you’re actually betting

So we now know that you’re not actually going to be betting 1c at a time,, but really, why would you?

For a casino, taking 1c bets is a terrible business model and for a player, that’s not exactly going to be super stimulating. It might be a blessing in disguise that the limits for the penny slots are a little higher – although a name change wouldn’t go amiss.

Typically, you’ll be betting on every line for at least a single credit, instead of a single payline for a dollar like you may expect. For example, if you’re betting 5 credits a line on 20 lines in a 5 reel slot you’ll be wagering 100 credits (or $1.00) per spin.

You’re not betting a penny, but it’s much more interesting.

Not all slots require to you bet the maximum. Brick and mortar casinos might be difficult when it comes to finding cheaper slots, but head online and you’ll see plenty of minimum spins sitting at 25 (for 5 cents) so you can pop a penny on each payline without worry.

Shop around and you’ll have no problem finding slots with low minimum wagers.

10 Casinos Everyone Should Visit at Least Once in Their Lifetime

  • May 8, 2021

You’re not a true gambling-fan unless you’ve got a place reserved on your bucket list for wagering tourist attractions, quirky games to play and the concrete giants we affectionately call casinos.

But, if you’ve been to the one you’ve been to them all, right? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Each casino has something special about them, from the stunning architecture you’ll find in Macao to the fountains outside of the Bellagio – there’s plenty to see and do in and around the global icons.

Struggling to narrow your personalized list down to just 10 of the very best?

Don’t you worry, we’ve got 10 casinos that you have to visit (at least once) in your lifetime.

10. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

First up on the list comes one of the most iconic casinos to grace the Las Vegas skyline – the MGM Grand.

The casino boasts the title of largest in Clark County, occupying a huge 171,500 sq ft, but it’s not just the size that catches our attention with the gambling giant. The resort comes with countless attractions including CSI: The Experience, TopGolf and of course, the MGM Grand Garden Area.

Worth a stop off if you’re in town.

9. Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City

Hard Rock has to be one of the most iconic brands in American history and if you’re serious about gambling – you have to visit the guitar-wielding masterpiece.

The casino’s link alternatif sbobetonline recently undergone a huge renovation, finishing June 2018, giving a fresh feel to the classic style of the resort. With the gaming floor at 167,000 sq ft, you’ll be wandering around for hours taking in all the sites, smells and sounds that Hard Rock is famous for.

8. The Mirage, Las Vegas

Planted firmly on the Las Vegas strip, The Mirage is one of the most famous casinos in the world, and it’s no surprise, not with Steve Wynn and MGM Resorts International surrounding the casino’s history.

The Mirage features the permanent Beatles-themed show ‘Love’ for those that like a bit of a musical break from their gaming, not that’ll you want to with 100,000 sq ft of gaming space. It’d be rude not to visit on the tour!

Slot Machines: A World of Adrenaline, Wild Symbols and Jackpots

  • May 8, 2021

The slot’s machines world is much bigger than you think. Although the games, paytables, bonuses and themes are quite different, they do have common denominators: the adrenaline, high-quality graphics, great prizes, and constant innovations to avoid getting bored and tired while playing.

The Most Profitable Slot Machines

Man with in front of online casino slot machine app on laptop computer at night

There isn’t just one or two but several slot machines that offer larger prizes – or more often – than others.

Mega Joker, situs alternatif cmd368, Blood Suckers, Kings of Chicago, Devils Delight, and Sim Salabim are among the highest-paying slots in history.

Mega Moolah has one of the biggest payouts. It has a five-reel layout, 25 paylines, RTP of 88.12% with an African theme. In 2015 it paid out a US$ 2.5000,000 prize.

Gladiator can reward big payouts when all five emperor symbols appear on the reels and multiplies the placed bet by a high coefficient.

Cleopatra Mega Jackpots, Hall of Gods, Globin’s Cave – inspired by Gold Fever –, Blood Suckers (vampire-themed) and Kitty Cash, among others, are also considered as the highest-paying slot machines.

The Most Popular Slot Machines
It is not always the most popular slots that are the highest-paying. Themes, graphics, and withdrawal methods sometimes have an influence when it comes to choosing a slot machine.

However, there is a wide variety of arguments and opinions. There are those who say that some machines are the most popular, and there are those who say that others are.

For us, the most popular ones are:

Magic Mirror: High-visual impact with five reels and 10 paylines on a purple background. It has special features and wild symbols. The maximum payout is up to 50,000 times the placed bet.

Gonzo’s Quest: A classic. It is not among the newest ones. It has good prizes but above all it has a long history in online casinos.

Dead or Alive: It’s a game that causes adrenaline. It has many fans, but it also has those who criticize it.

Immortal Romance: It has five reels and 243 paylines. It tells a passion story about vampires. It is known for having great music and free spin bonuses with nice payouts and multipliers.

Book of Dead: Egyptian-themed with catchy music. The story revolves around a treasure hunt. The grid has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 lines. It pays up to 250,000 times the value of the bet.

A Few Tips
Setting a budget in each online slot session can help you manage the amount of money in your online casino account.
Choose online casinos with the best security systems. It is key that they run under standardized regulations.
Choose your machine carefully, taking into account different factors such as paylines and betting amounts as well as graphics and music.
Pay attention to special bonuses. Some games have tempting big bonuses.
The wild symbols, allies in all games
The wild symbols are among the most preferred by players since they replace almost all figures and usually make large paylines and nice winning combinations.

Many games combine wilds in practically all the reels, or the central reels, and on several occasions with x2, x3, x4 and x5 multipliers.

Jackpot Slots
When choosing a game, the huge jackpots are unquestionably a factor to be considered. Among the most significant is Pirates Millions, which has an enormous jackpot. The Unholy also has millionaire prizes.

Irish Riches is one of the games that has an accumulated jackpot, free spins, sticky wilds, and an incredible Leprechaun’s rainbow bonus in which winnings are multiplied.

Mystic Masks is another tribal slot machine where the wild symbols expand covering the entire free spins reel just like other games that also feature this variant.

For example, the most reputable online casinos currently have a large jackpot associated with several games. One of the most popular casinos has a jackpot of US$2.000.000 linked to several games, such as Millionaire Genie, Rise of the Pharaohs, Irish Riches and Santo’s Super Slot.

Simply put, there is a wide offer of games that can make you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. For those who are looking for an exciting experience, slots are an opportunity not only to win money but also to have a great time.

Super Cool Flintstone Slots Games To Play Online In 2021

  • May 8, 2021

What comes to mind when you hear the words Yabba-Dabba-Do? Well, if you are like most of us who have been around during the Golden Age of television, you would instantly recognize that as the cry of excitement that typically comes out of the mouth of that Stone Age character we all know and love – Fred Flintstone. What you may not know is that Fred and the gang from Bedrock City are also highly visible as the theme of a series of slot machines that are based on the far-out adventures of Fred, Wilma, his best friend Barney, Betty, and the family pet, Dino. With COVID-19 changing how we seek forms of entertainment while self-isolating, it should be a comfort to know that you can play one of several different Flintstone-themed slots online. But before we get into that, let’s find out more about this wacky cartoon character.

A Bit of History on The Flintstones
If you grew up in the 1960s, you would have gotten to know the Flintstones from the comfort of your living room. The cartoon that ran from September 1960 to April 1966 was on ABC and was the first-ever animated series to fill a prime-time slot in television history link alternatif bola88. The sitcom was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and storylines were often adult-oriented as opposed to being just a “kid’s show” where situations saw Fred and his best friend, next-door neighbor, Barney trying to deal with the curveballs of life in a Stone Age setting. One of the popular running gags from the program was the names of people and places that were changed to have a stone or rock theme to them. For example, Hollywood became Hollyrock, Tony Curtis became Stoney Curtis. Fred’s boss was Mr. Slate. Princeton University became Prinstone University.

Complete Guide on How to Play Free Online Pokies in Australia
What kept The Flintstones so popular, then and today, was how modern everyday issues were fit into a Stone Age setting. Although the show was not hugely popular in the beginning, it did eventually become the most financially successful and longest-running network animated television series for thirty years. The Simpsons, which debuted in 1989, has since surpassed both of those milestones (pun intended) making The Flintstones to second-greatest TV cartoon of all time.

There Are Four Main Versions of The Flintstones Online Slots
Well, thankfully there are a few different versions of The Flintstones online slots. You could say, that each one is like spending a day in Bedrock and joining Fred and the gang on one of his famed misadventures. Regardless, you’ll be saying Yabba-Dabba-Do! in no time with the many features found in each of these online slot machines. Here is a closer look at the four current Flintstones-themed games.

The Flintstones (by Playtech)
Classic is the word that best describes the visual look of this online slot. The Flintstones feature the standard old-school grid of five reels and three rows. These are set in the center of a wooden frame and happen to be under the watchful eye of a pterodactyl. The tiles are filled with the familiar characters from the cartoon with the Fred tiles as the highest of the reward symbols. The next highest is the tiles featuring Barney followed by their wives, Wilma and Betty. Other symbols fill the reels and you should recognize them all including Fred’s giant order of ribs from the closing credits of the TV program, shell phones, and playing cards. What will also grab your attention aside from the true-to-the-program graphics is the soundtrack. You’ll hear music and dialogue from some of the classic episodes that aired back in the 60s. As for bonuses, The Flintstones has a total of five unique bonus features. One of the most popular of these, according to Casino Websites, is the Bedrock bowling bonus. In it, you get to choose Fred’s bowling style then sit back and watch him toss bowling rocks and winning you extra money. Yabba-Dabba-Doo, indeed!

The Flintstones Classic Design (by SG Interactive)
Another classic 3-reel slot machine, but with some interesting twists is what you will find with the SG Interactive version of this theme. The iconic cartoon theme music will start at the moment you launch the game and there are many more different game symbols on the reel tiles. Sure, you’ll see Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty but there’s also the Flintstone family pet, Dino. Why you want to pay attention to Dino is simple. Not only will Dino move around the reels as you spin, but he will also be the source of many interesting bonuses that you will earn with each passing spin. This online slot includes a total of seven different bonus rounds and they will increase your chances of hitting a Mega Win (or two or more). Other bonuses include free spins (up to 25) and a 200x multiplier. You’ll love this version of Bedrock.

The Flintstones Dashing Dino
This version of The Flintstones slots is the first completely mobile-compatible release. That means you can play it anywhere, anytime on any mobile handheld device. There is a fresh, updated design that features all your favorite characters on the reel tiles. At times, you will also see a few of the most iconic scenes from the TV cartoon played out in front of you to enjoy and to trigger memories from the show. One of the keys to gameplay with this online slot machine is Dino. He will unlock one of several different bonuses. Just watch for Dino to start digging for bones and you’ll be receiving one of the multiplier bonuses available. What makes this particular version of the Stone Age family slot so interesting is that it offers an RTP rate of 95.93%. In other words, you have good odds compared to many other slot games online.

Flintstones Welcome To Bedrock (by Casino Slot)
This is the version of The Flintstones slot machine that exists only in land-based casinos. It features the majority of the same things as the online slots noted above do, but with a few variations. For example, one bonus round takes you to the Bedrock bowling alley where Fred and Barney bowl against each other. Your bonus is dependant on what they bowl. Wilma will appear with a mammoth vacuum cleaner which will throw you some bonuses as she cleans the floor. The biggest bonuses come from Fred aboard the stegosaur at work which will pull up reels, increasing the odds of winning with more tiles added to the game action.

Who would have thought that a cartoon TV program from the 60s would be so popular as the theme to a series of slot machines? Well, when you consider the popularity and highly-recognizable characters of Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, and Dino, it makes sense that sooner or later someone would turn to Bedrock City to mine some fun with these interesting and iconic characters. It also means that there are probably more versions to be expected on the horizon which is most certainly a good reason to yell Yabba-Dabba-Do!

The Three Most Mysterious and Magical Slot Games

  • May 8, 2021

With the full moon just around the corner, it feels like magic is in the air. Everybody loves taking a few spins on the slot machine, but if you really want to feel some of that mystical energy, then you need to find the right game to fit the mood. Thankfully slot game developers are an endlessly creative bunch, so there are thousands of titles to choose from. These are three of our cherry-picked favorites, after all, three is the magic number!

Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes

Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes is based on the idea of a Romani fortune-teller. Although the traditional Romani fortune-teller is less widely-seen nowadays, you only need to look back a hundred years or so to find Roma fortune tellers as a common part of everyday life. All Romani women were once believed to have powers of divination, which for a fee, they would use to decide the fortune of non-Romani, or ‘Gadje’ people. The makers behind this slot game judi online terbaik have taken this idea of the mystical Romani woman and created Rosella, a fortune teller with a crystal ball in hand, who takes center stage in this video slot game.

The art in this game is what sets it apart from all others, various lucky symbols are used on the reels, including the four-leaf clover, a third eye, the Hamsa symbol, and a crystal ball. The combination of these alongside the twanging soundtrack and Rosella’s presence makes the whole game feel decidedly mystical. Better still are the plethora of extra features that the game boasts. There are five base game modifiers. The first enables Rosella to conjure up large runs of symbols, making it much easier for you to strike a winning combination. The next is the lucky wild, which can turn one of your reels wild. She can also magic up a 5 of a kind win, as well as free spins with the help of her trusty magpie.

3 Witches

Halloween Witch girl with making witchcraft, magic in her hands, spells. Beautiful young woman in witches hat conjuring. Spooky dark magic forest background. Magician. Wide Halloween party art design
One of the most magical online slot games is 3 Witches. This slot introduces you to three different witches, each with their own character. The reels are filled with magical items too; candles, potions, and books of spells. The three witches are known best in most of the Western world, as the conjurors from Macbeth. Have you ever heard the poem that begins, ‘double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble’? These are the words from the witches’ chant in William Shakespeare’s play, and it’s these three witches that undoubtedly inspired the makers behind the 3 Witches slot game.

The witches in this game are perhaps slightly more glamorous than in Shakespeare’s play, but the overall atmosphere is just as spooky. The soundtrack is exactly what you’d expect from a Halloween film and the reel images are magical too. A pestle and mortar made of bone and rock, pumpkins with glowing eyes, a witch on her broomstick, a crow by the light of the moon, and a vial of glistening potion. This game is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Balthazar’s Wild Emporium

The name Balthazar pops up frequently throughout history. It seems to insist that its person leads an interesting life. Who’s to say which of the many famous Balthazars the creators of Balthazar’s Wild Emporium based their title character on, but he certainly seems an eccentric chap. Wearing a magenta tailcoat and sporting a top hat with a plume of bright green, Balthazar is the character that guides you through this mystical slot game.

The soundtrack is reminiscent of medieval England, whilst the jewel-colored reels are like something from Alice in Wonderland. This slot takes a more friendly approach, with simple features and user interface, making it the perfect one for people who are still learning how to play. It too offers base game modifiers and a generous free spins bonus. The colossal wilds multiplier is just the ticket for people who want to win thousands of free spins.

How To Gamble Legally on Slot Games in Pennsylvania Right Now

  • May 8, 2021

Online gambling is highly popular in Pennsylvania. The options include online slot games, horse racing, bingo, and casino gambling. However, things haven’t always been that way.

Legalized in 2017
While gambling in Pennsylvania’s land-based casinos has been legal since 2004, online gambling is a fairly new phenomenon. It was made official on October, 2017. The house passed a bill legalizing online gambling and Governor Tom Wolf signed it into law. Even though gambling sites in the state have only been legal for a while, Pennsylvania has one of the highest revenues for commercial casinos.

The change in legislation has contributed to the revolution of the local market. Players now have the freedom to play at online sportsbooks, online casinos, and poker sites, Pennsylvania gambling sites are currently legal and thriving. You can learn more about Pennsylvania gambling sites on a website like

The Legal Gambling Sites in Pennsylvania

1) Unibet
Unibet is one of the biggest and most popular gambling sites in Pennsylvania. It is popular for its brand reputation, speedy transactions, generous promotions, customer service, unique games, and game variety.

The casino was launched in 1999 making it one of the most established brands in the industry. The site has something for every player including bingo, poker, table games, and a live casino. It has about 11 million users from all parts of the globe.

The gambling site has a rich library with more than 1,000 games. It is powered by IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Elk Studios, and Play’nGo. With these providers, it is certain to offer players nothing but the best gameplay.

Gambling Is Now Legal in Japan
Unibet bonuses and promotions are tailored to give players the best experience regardless of how long they have been playing. They include poker freerolls, free spins, and money back. Even though these offers change all the time, there is always something for players to enjoy.

The online casino has an impressive selection of deposit and withdrawal options. They include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, ApplePay, and bank transfer. Players can withdraw with the same methods they used to deposit funds.

Because of its experience, Unibet has done a lot to promote safety. It uses 128-bit SSL technology issued and certified by Trustwave. The system keeps all private data safe and away from third parties.

The casino has excellent customer support. Players can easily find answers on the help center. It features a long list of FAQs, a phone number, and email address to reach an operator whenever you need them. The live chat feature is great for players who want help fast.

2) BetRiver Casino
This is one of the best casinos Pennsylvania. It is mostly popular for is generous deposit match. Few other sportsbooks would give players up to $250 worth of free bets for making a deposit.

The casino promotes fast deposits and withdrawals. Once you make a deposit, it will reach your account in just a few seconds. The same applies to free bets. The banking options include Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and prepaid card.

BetRivers promotes mobile betting. Their mobile app works for both Android and iOS devices. With an Android device, you can find a link to the app on their website. With an iPad or iPhone, it is available on the App Store.

Return to Player Vs. Hit Frequency: How to Make Sense of Slot Games Terms
On the desktop version of the casino, players can enjoy an extensive variety of games including a demo feature. It lets you take a look at the games and software platform before investing your cash.

The casino is also available in instant platform. This means that players do not need any extra downloads to access their accounts. They only need to visit the casino’s website and login with their details. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari can access the casino.

The casino always has promotions for both new and loyal players. Apart from the exciting welcome bonus that Pennsylvania players enjoy, there are rewards and promotions to ensure that players keep coming back. They include: the iRush Rewards loyalty program for new accounts and free bingo games.

The game selection at this casino is decent. It has everything including table games and judi slot online uang asli. All of the games are placed in specific categories making it easy to find what you want.

The customer support team is prompt and reliable. Players can seek help in multiple channels like live chat, telephone, and email.

3) Hollywood Casino
Once sports betting and online gambling were legalized in Pennsylvania, Hollywood Casino was one of the first casinos to reserve their place in the market. This was the first casino to apply for a license in mobile sports betting. It was one of the first casinos to offer online casino games in the state. The casino is generally great. However, it mostly shines in game selection, bonuses, reputation, software, and graphics.

New players at Hollywood Casino enjoy two main bonuses. Once a player signs up, they receive a $25 no-deposit bonus. After making their first deposit, they receive up to $500. The casino also offers a refer-a-friend program. If you refer a friend, both of you receive $25 bonus money.

Hollywood casino has a wide variety of games including online slots and table games. Players have access to over 100 slot titles every day. The casino also has a series of exclusive slots. You cannot find them anywhere else.

The variety of video poker games is great as well. There are games from industry leaders like Game King. The casino has a mobile app that is supported by Android devices. Players can find the app on the casino’s website or on Google Play Store. The app for iPad and iPhone users is still in progress.

William Hill provides Hollywood Casino’s software for sports betting. Because of the provider’s experience and reputation, players get the best.

In 2018, Penn National got into an agreement with NetEnt. Based on this agreement, Hollywood Casino can utilize NetEnt’s online gaming content. Penn National made a deal with IGT as well.

The casino accepts a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. They include ACH bank transfer, debit and credit cards.

Royal Panda Casino

  • May 8, 2021

Royal Panda has only been online since 2014 and is part of NetEnt which is a Scandinavian online casino software development company. Also available in nine different languages, Royal Panda offers many different games including slots, tables, scratch cards, and live dealer games. It is another site that is easy to sign up to where you just have to click on the Join Now button and fill out all the details on a new page to create your account. There is a welcome bonus and once you verify your account, you can start playing.

Emojino Casino
This is one of the new kids on the block having been launched online within the past few months. It is a subsidiary of True Flip Gambling Ltd., which is based in Malta. Although the online casino only has 250 different titles, all of the gaming options come from leading game providers. Sign up is described as being simple but it does require several steps that start when you click on the yellow Sign Up button. There is a welcome bonus and verification of your account is done via email, but once completed, you get full access right away.

CasinoExtra was launched in 2014 by Starfish Media N. V. and is based in the tiny island nation of Curacao. CasinoExtra is well named as they feature well over 1,600 different games and have a straightforward, easy to understand website that makes online casino gaming fun and interesting. Signing up is simple once you click the orange Open An Account button and follow all the prompts to get you through the process. There is a welcome bonus and CasinoExtra does offer many different extras ranging from bonuses to their VIP program.

Twin Casino
Twin Casino is another relative newcomer to the world of online casinos. It was launched in 2017 and is operated by Oring Ltd. which is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Twin Casino has over 2,000 games to play and the majority of them utilize a fantastical theme. Signing up situs judi bola terbesar is simple once you click on the Sign Up button. There are a welcome bonus, a loyalty program, and something called Daily Drops & Wins where additional jackpot prizes are offered weekly and you become eligible by playing qualifying games.

888 Casino
888 Casino is known as one of the first online casinos to launch following the establishment of guidelines that opened casino activity up on the internet. 888 Casino was launched in 1997 and has become a well-known online casino brand over the years. Based in Gibraltar, the casino operates in several different languages and features 90 slot games ranging from classic 3-reel to 5-reel games. Signing up is painfully easy where all you do is visit the homepage and click on Sign Up. There is a welcome bonus as well as many other bonuses and promotions.

Best Casinos to Play Winter Slots At This January

  • May 8, 2021

Just ask anyone who frequents a casino what their favorite game is and you will likely hear that slots are the main attraction. It isn’t hard to figure out when you look around the interior of any land-based casino. The majority of the square footage of the casino will be occupied by slot machines. They are popular for many reasons including the fact that there are so many different kinds of games that can be formatted to operate within the mechanics of a slot machine. There are countless sizes, shapes, and themes used in slots and the very same things can be said about online slots. They are much more than a fad – they are where even the newest players are going simply because playing the slots is far from difficult.

Why Slot Machines Are So Popular Online

You don’t need to study a thick rulebook to develop strategies to play online slots. All you need to consider are three things. They happen to be the same three things that attract so many people to online slot machines. They include the following:

Simple Rules
Compared to any other casino games, slots are the easiest to play. You essentially enter some money and take your spins. There is no other game that gets you into the action this quickly.

If you thought that your average brick-and-mortar casino has a lot of different slot machines, you would be right. However, an online casino will have even more variations of slots with added features and bonuses only available online.

Well, since we’ve mentioned bonuses, it is important to note that playing slots online gives you access to a greater selection of bonuses that will increase your bankroll considerably. Head on to for the best casino bonuses you can find!

Top Online Casinos
Here is a look at the top eight sbobet88 online casinos with a short review of each.

Betsafe Casino
Betsafe was launched in 2006 and has become one of the top online casinos in Europe with hundreds of thousands of players using the platform each year. One of the reasons for this is that Betsafe has over 1,700 games that they have accessed through more than 70 top providers. There are several different game categories to choose from and Betsafe is available in nine different languages. The online casino is part of the BLM Group Ltd, which is based in Malta.

Sign up is simple and easy where you just click on the green Create Account button which takes you to a different page to create your account. It is also the same page that permits you to set your deposit limit and opt into bonuses and promotions. Once you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you have read the Terms and Conditions, you can start playing the slots or table games, poker, or begin sports betting.

You Might Get Bitcoin Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos:

  • May 8, 2021

According to, Bitcoin casinos provide lucrative options for bonuses that can come handy to the gamblers. Bitcoin bonuses are enticing since almost everyone these days are on the lookout for free Bitcoins. Gambling enthusiasts also believe that the value of Bitcoins shall appreciate over time, and this is when the bonuses shall make themselves useful. Most online casinos offer attractive and interactive slots, roulette games, blackjack games and the like. They also offer bonuses. However, there is no anonymity with these features and the bonuses.

However, the deal with Bitcoin daftar sbo casinos is way different. As we have already mentioned in the point before this, Bitcoin casinos are completely anonymous and safe. Therefore, one can also use the Bitcoin bonuses in whichever ways they want. Transactions using these bonuses shall always be anonymous. The rewards from Bitcoin casinos are entirely yours to enjoy in whichever way you deem fit.

There are No Geolocation Based Impediments Using Bitcoin Casinos:

Online casinos work on several protocols. One of the most important of those is that of location. For instance, if an online casino in New Jersey is functional under the rules of the DGE, other players beyond the borders of New Jersey cannot be allowed to register and play on the casino. However, Bitcoin casinos do not conform to all these protocols of geographical location. Gamblers from any corner of the world can sign up on these casinos and start playing for real money.

By the very definition of it, Bitcoin casinos must accept any player who has enough Bitcoins to place their bets and gamble. The restrictions imposed by traditional online casinos act as an impeding factor for players across the globe to enjoy their favorite games on their favorite casinos. However, with a Bitcoin casino, anyone and from any corner of the world can place their bets and enjoy their favorite games. These casinos also have minimal processing fees and offer faster payouts, as we have mentioned earlier in the article.

Bitcoin Casinos Make Gambling Safe:
Perhaps the most important reason for the growing popularity of Bitcoin casinos is that of safety and security. No one wants the government or the legal system to snoop around an individual’s private and recreational affairs. And gambling is considered illegal in many countries around the world. Bitcoin casinos are decentralized, which means that there is no way for the long arm of the government to track gamblers and interfere with their gambling endeavors.

Plus, in traditional gambling, scams and fraudulent activities are always major concerns. Players can easily have their credentials stolen, and their banking information can be hacked while playing on traditional online casinos. However, with Bitcoin, the risks of such activities are considerably lowered. Plus, any sort of criminal activities can be traced since the blockchain keeps a record of every activity in the most secure form.

These were just a few of the many reasons why Bitcoin casinos have been growing in popularity. There are, of course, several other reasons for it, and you might want to do some research to better understand the topic. Therefore, the next time you want to figure out if Bitcoin casinos are meant for you, read through the article and make the right decision.